Outdoor wedding tents based on budgetary considerations

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Outdoor wedding tents based on budgetary considerations

Getting married is a major life event! Are you planning an outdoor wedding? If so, do you have a contingency plan in place? What if it rains on your wedding day? Can you afford to rent an outdoor wedding tent? Making room in your budget for an outdoor wedding marquee will keep you sane and stress-free, and even if it's a sunny day, your guests will love a place away from the sun.

outdoor wedding tent

If you're only a few days away from your wedding and rain is expected, you may not be the only one looking for an outdoor wedding marquee. You've probably already spent every penny of your wedding budget, so adding an outdoor wedding marquee can cost quite a bit, which may put you well over what you want.

So, it would be best if you considered the following questions:

Is there space for an outdoor wedding tent at your location, and does it allow for it?

2. What size outdoor wedding tent do you need? If you have up to 100 guests, a 30×60 outdoor wedding marquee should be fine. Over 200 guests will need at least a 40×80 outdoor wedding tent. You will also need space for other amenities such as a dance floor, bar, photo booth, etc.

3. What type of outdoor wedding tent do you want? A pole tent works best on grass and is secured with stakes. There is at least one center pole to support the tent. Framed outdoor wedding canopies can be placed on any surface and have no center pole to obstruct your view and event layout.

After you have determined the above issues when purchasing an outdoor wedding tent, you will also want the canopy company to determine the following issues:

(1) Does it include labor to set up and take down the outdoor wedding tent?

(2) What is the cost of delivery and pickup?

(3) How long does setting up the outdoor wedding tent take?

(4) Is the outdoor wedding tent weatherproof?

(5) Are linens, curtains, and lighting provided? Are chandeliers a popular choice for white wedding tents available? Can you string your lights? What about upward lighting? Is there an electrical service in the area?

(6) Are sidewalls provided? Sidewalls are great for rainy days and must be installed when setting up the tent. They may block the view of the hotel but help guests stay dry and warm.

(7) Is a dance floor provided? Are there other flooring options?

Based on a budget perspective, these issues must be considered when buying an outdoor wedding tent. If you need more detailed information, please come and contact us!

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