Features of the large dome tent

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Features of the large dome tent

The large dome tent is a new type of tent that is becoming more and more popular. So what are its characteristics?


The large dome tent

From the look of the design

The large dome tent is designed with a triangular grid structure and high-strength pipes to create a sturdy structure that is safe and reliable for users without fear of collapse. The open-plan design of the dome reduces the feeling of clutter, minimizes it, and increases the use of space inside the tent. The spherical appearance is round and beautiful, reduces the wind resistance, can resist the strong level typhoon, and gives safety one more guarantee.


In terms of performance

The large dome tent is easy to disassemble and install. It takes up less space after disassembly, so it is easy to carry and place without too much labor and material investment. In addition to wind protection, the large dome tent is fire, water, and UV-resistant. It is not limited by harsh natural conditions and is highly risk-resistant. The large dome tent can also print 090 on the outside of the tent and customize different types of tarpaulin to meet the needs of the event venue while promoting the brand.


From the point of view of the application

The large dome tent is a multi-purpose, multi-domain tent that serves a wide range of consumer needs. A variety of diameters can be selected, is the theme of the restaurant, outdoor activities, venue activities, bars and hotels, and activities such as an important choice of publicity venues.


These are the features of the large dome tent, and I hope that this article will give you a better understanding of our product. We produce large dome tents, with more powerful functions and uses, such as air conditioning, floor, glass doors, transparent covers, etc. . Unique and beautiful shapes, and various fabric styles, can make your activities different.


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