Why recommend 8 person dome tent?

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Why recommend 8 person dome tent?

For outdoor activities, why do I recommend the 8 person Dome Tent?


The ball-shaped 8 person dome tent is simple and stylish in appearance, and the ball-shaped main body has excellent resistance to wind and snow. It is very suitable for outdoor camping accommodation. In addition to the transparent floor-to-ceiling landscape window, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery.


If it's the tie-in with the elevated wood platform, western-style firewood fireplace, and cotton insulation lining, not only the space is comfortable, but also suitable for living all year round. Outside the gazebo, you can customize a simple circular bathtub that is integrated with the platform. In the wild luxury camp with a strong sense of privacy, there is another style.


8 person dome tent

Interior decoration will be more important, silver gray lining not only make the whole space softer but also play a good sound insulation effect. Log-made independent bathroom, even if it is outdoor, can also enjoy a hot bath at any time.


Because most of the sites of wild luxury campsites are scenic and unfrequented places, the transportation and construction of materials will be a headache. A cube-sized 8 person dome tent is easy to set up. And the service life of PVC tarpaulin can also achieve 15 ~ 20 years, and its cost-effectiveness is very high. So many domestic and foreign scenic spots, resorts, and RV camps will choose an 8 person dome tent as a single-family villa accommodation. Can also be used for a variety of activities, large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, and outdoor activities.


Changyi is a professional development and sales of a variety of large, medium, and small outdoor tent comprehensive manufacturers. Not only do you have a 3m to 40m safe outdoor tent, but you can also customize it to your needs. If you need an 8 person dome tent, please feel free to contact us.

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