Advantages, disadvantages, and purchasing skills of a large dome tent

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Advantages, disadvantages, and purchasing skills of a large dome tent

A large dome tent, which adopts double pole cross support, is the most popular style in the market at present. It is easy to disassemble and assemble.


Advantages and disadvantages of a large dome tent


The dome design applies to a wide range of applications, from low altitude to high mountains, and from a single account to a size that can accommodate more than a dozen people for dinner and meetings.

The bracket is simple, so the installation and disassembly are very fast.

However, its windward side is equal, so its wind resistance performance is worse.


Applicable occasions of a large dome tent


Most of them are suitable for leisure travel activities in parks, lakeside, and other environments to avoid mosquitoes or light rain.


Purchasing skills for large dome tent


When purchasing a large dome tent, it is recommended to choose a large dome tent with high comfort and less difficulty to build.


If you need personal space, choose a single account.

If you want to experience the outdoors with your lover, buy a double account.

If you want to go out with your family and friends, buy 3-4 people.


But remember, the tent is not only for people but also for your other items, so leave enough space. Many tents have vestibules, but they are different in size and quantity. It is best to take the space required for items into account when purchasing.


large dome tent

Many people are very concerned about the weight of the tent. Everyone hopes to carry a light "house" out, but I don't suggest blindly pursuing light. Maybe in the south, but the summer in the north is too short. To make the tent very light, we have to make compromises on the materials, such as using yarn nets where nylon cloth is originally used, and 190T where 210t is used, which directly leads to the decline of thermal insulation. Therefore, when purchasing, you should ask yourself: is such a light tent suitable for my use environment?


Most people often choose the tent color according to their personal preferences, but if you want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. In addition to looking bright, high brightness tents also have the advantage of easy search. In addition, the color of the tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent. The tent with high brightness has high light transmittance, and the heat transmitted will also be relatively high; The light transmittance of low brightness tents will be poor, and some natural heat sources provided by the sun will be blocked, which will affect personal activities in the tents, especially in bad weather, we can feel the difference between the two.


Changyi is an enterprise that specializes in developing and selling all kinds of safe and high-quality outdoor tents. Our tents are widely used for weddings, parties, stations, exhibitions, celebrations, festivals, storage, parking spaces, leisure activities, etc. We can also customize according to customers' requirements to meet all your wonderful ideas.

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